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Students from Madonna Heights School will be attending one special daytime performance of This Wide Night donated by the team, which will include a talk back after the show.



Madonna Heights, a program of SCO Family of Services, provides an environment that teaches, strengthens and encourages young adolescent girls, ages 12-18, to heal from trauma. Located on a campus setting in Dix Hills, it provides 24-hour care in order to address their physical, emotional, and social needs, building confidence, strengthening family bonds and supporting the transition back home or to a new home in the community.y.

HIDDEN PAIN by Jessica H.
A BETTER OUTLOOK by Annastasia M.

“Do you really know her? The pain behind her eyes? Do they tell a different story? Everything she has been through, facing her hardships and picking herself back up again…”

'Every child an artist”
Hand crafted metal work –
Medium: Nickel Silver and Copper Enameling

“The artwork shown here was created by students from Madonna Heights. This work gives them a voice. As the art instructor for Madonna Heights School over the last 15 years, I developed a program designed to foster self-control, respect for others, problem solving, personal expression, and many other skills these young adults can take into their future. The experience of crafting their artwork is a vehicle toward the ultimate goal -- helping them heal and overcome struggles they have endured, becoming more confident about themselves, and feeling a sense of accomplishment. This is what I strive to achieve and it is with great pride that I can see the fruition of these girls’ efforts.”



(Art Instructor, Madonna Heights School)

MY SILENCE by Emily V.

“This work helps me express what I feel without having to struggle to find the words I mean.”


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